The company under the name LATERN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY S.A. was founded in 2002 and has executed all kinds of Public and Private projects with absolute success in a short period of time throughout Greece. It has modern logistic infrastructure and experienced human resources, enabling it to carry out the execution of all forms and nature of works, even specialized. The company is housed in a privately-owned office building in Argyroupoli, 100 Alimou Av. Our company specializes mainly in building and electromechanical projects, as well as in the execution of road works, port works, plumbing works, as well as studies and supervision of such projects.

Η LATERN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY S.A. currently holds the 3rd class MEEP degree license , which enables the company to undertake Public Works.

The projects in which our company operates cover all sectors of activity of public works and also of private construction projects classified in the following categories :

- CONSTRUCTION: It concerns the construction of buildings and other construction works

- ELECTROMECHANICAL: It concerns the construction of all kinds of E / M projects and the execution of specialized works

- INDUSTRIAL - ENERGY: It concerns the construction of factories and energy saving systems.

- ROADS: It concerns the construction of motorways, road junctions, etc.

- PORTS: It concerns the construction of ports, marinas, etc.

- HYDRAULIC-IRRIGATION-BASEMENT PROJECTS: It concerns the construction of sewerage systems, dams and tunnels, pumping stations, irrigation and drainage networks.

The staff of our company consists by professionals and scientists with excellent technical and university training, with experience and high-tech know-how.

The company, as shown by its organization chart, is organizing itself in the footsteps of the most modern companies, proving that its management and its human managing personnel are aspiring to make it even stronger in the area of technical-construction companies.


organisation chart
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