LATERN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY S.A. is a company with many years of experience and holds he 3rd class MEEP degree license, that allows them to undertake Public Works throughout Greece.

- Building projects
- Electromechanical projects
- Industrial projects – Energy projects
- Road construction 
- Ports Projects
- Hydraulic Projects – Irrigation projects - Underground works

LATERN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY S.A. has extensive experience in the field as they have undertook a number of private projects, and guarantees quality of construction and integrated solutions with timely completion.

- House Construction
- Office Buildings Construction
- Repairs and static reinforcement of existing structures
- Additions on existing buildings
- Study and Project Supervision
- Flats-for-Land

Our company has experience and expertise in the construction and maintenance of energy projects, with experienced and specialized technical personnel.

- Installation of Photovoltaic parks
- Maintenance of Photovoltaic parks

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